The Story of Money: The Journey from She...



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Money – How does it work? And why does it matter?

Have you ever really thought about money, and how it works? Most of us don’t. But money affects everything around us.

The Story of Money is a look at the past, present, and future of money. Sharing his expertise, Sean Cover shows us that many of today’s major political issues can be traced back to how our system of money works, including the rise in income inequality over the last 50 years and the skyrocketing cost of healthcare and college tuition.

First, The Story of Money explores the lessons from money’s history. This frames the discussion of how modern money works, and how it affects everyday life in more ways than we realize. From there, we look to the future, and see how money will continue to evolve in the years to come.

From the way we spend our days working to earn it, to the way we acquire everything we own by spending it, there is no escaping that money is the catalyst that drives the entire world.

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