The Bitcoin Gambit



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An Offer that could make JR Johnson fabulously rich…or get him tortured and killed
Book Two JR Johnson Series.

The Risk Averse Money Manager wonders, “What’s the worst that could happen if I just dip my toe in Bitcoin Investing?”
When he makes that plunge, Johnson unwittingly becomes a major stumbling block in the path of Russian President “The Lider”s plot to orchestrate the biggest financial windfall in history. JR Johnson gets tangled in a web with U.S. Cyber Command, the Russian FSB, a couple of ruthless assassins, and the mysterious person or committee that created Bitcoin. Being dangled as a “Useful Idiot”, Johnson risks being tortured for information he doesn’t know, and of dragging his unsuspecting fiancé into terrible danger, as competing governments race to outwit each other.

An early review: This was a great, fast-paced read. You don’t need any understanding of cryptocurrency to enjoy the story. It is an action-packed thriller with just the right amount of humor. I enjoyed every page. And the ending…oh the ending!

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