The Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Art and...



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Crypto Art has exploded all over the world and are you struggling to learn more?

Many contemporary artists and big brands have been involved in an unprecedented speculative vortex, creating new horizons. Big investors in the art, finance and cryptocurrency markets are following with strong interest the evolution of NFTs, Non fungible Tokens. The economic weight of Crypto Art is bound to grow, becoming a great new earning opportunity.
Do you want to be part of this extraordinary revolution?
Do you think it could be the beginning of a new era like when Bitcoin was being talked about in 2008 and it seemed like a huge joke?
Do you want to invest in this sector but are not familiar with the topic?
The famous FOMO, (fear of missing out), or rather the fear of losing a great opportunity is so much and concrete, it is understandable, we are in a world and in a market subjected to continuous and rapid changes and where potential opportunities for gain are many, just know how to seize at the right time.

In this book you will find:
• Will the Transition from Art to Crypto Art Be the Future?
What Is A Token and How Does It Work?
• What Is the Connection Between Crypto Art and The Ethereum Cryptocurrency?
• Ethereum 2.0 What It Is and How It Works
• What Figure Will Ethereum Reach Thanks to NFT?
• What Are the Advantages, and Disadvantages, of Cryptocurrencies on Which Crypto Art Is Based?
• Which Are the Market Expectations for Cryptocurrencies?
• Why Do You Need A Wallet to Make Purchases in Crypto Art?
What Are NFTs And How Are They Used?
• What Are the Major Markets for Crypto Art?

What are you waiting for?
Make your first good investment: Buy this Book and Start to Make Money in this field!

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