Lockseed: Notebook for Cryptocurrency Pr...



Price: $10.99
(as of Jan 28,2022 20:23:52 UTC – Details)

Have you backed up your Mnemonic Phrase yet? Lost track of Bitcoin Paper Wallets?

If this is you, then don’t worry, there’s a safer solution now. Introducing The Lockseed Mnemonic Phrase Notebook, a 100% Offline Notebook that allows you to back up your entire Digital Fortune on durable, pages. Throw it in your safe, and never worry about losing your Cryptocurrency again

  • Back-Up 20+ Crypto Wallets
  • Unhackable & 100% Offline
  • 80 page paper notebook
  • Works with any Ballpoint pen type
  • Crypto enthusiasts, investors & traders love it!
  • Organize seed phrases, private keys and more
  • Lockseed paper encryption for maximum security
  • Dimensions 5.8″ x 8.3″ inch paper notebook

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