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  • Do you know what Blockchain is and how it works?
  • Do you know how to exploit ICOs, IPOs and IEOs?
  • Do you know which are the most important cryptocurrencies in the world,which are the best traders in the world and how they operate?
  • Do you know who are the richest cryptocurrency traders?
  • Would you be interested in what experts say about the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies?
  • And finally, do you know how Facebbok could change the world of cryptocurrency?

If this is what you are looking for, this book can help you!

Trading in criptocurrencycan be a dangerous game!
If you are trying to make a profit betting your money on your gut feeling … try to play at the casino! 
Successful trading is achieved through study, organization and discipline and more discipline and finally… discipline!
Starting from this belief, I have written this manual in a simple way especially to help beginners, but not only that, also to help people understand how to be successful in trading.
Together we will see:

  1. what is the blockchain;
  2. what IPO-ICO and IEO are and how to exploit them;
  3. history and characteristics of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Dash;
  4. how to start trading and how to organise successful trading;
  5. which could be the future of these new coins;
  6. Mark Zuckerberg’s bet.

But above all, whether you are a novice or not, I strongly advise you to read everything up to the last chapter carefully.

Trading can be a tool for obtaining a second income, or, in many cases, even a main activity.
Making a living through trading… is possible!

If you think this could be useful, well, the only thing missing is your action!

Invest in yourself… Press the button and buy the book, study and… Happy Trading!!

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