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Discover how you can start creating wealth today by trading Bitcoin and Altcoins with these easy to follow day trading strategies & techniques!

First up, any form of trading isn’t easy. It certainly isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and it not only takes work, but true skill to consistently profit from the crypto markets. If you are looking for a way to just press a few buttons and make millions, please click off of this book and go look elsewhere. 

However, if you are prepared to learn the fundamentals of day trading and the cryptocurrency market and are actually prepared to put in the work to develop your skills, then this is the right book for you! This book’s only purpose is to show how you can get started trading in the crypto markets. 

Trading crypto is different to investing, in that you are looking for shorter term gains, good entry and exit points, and using tools like technical analysis in order to do so. It is not gambling or a side hobby, and if you treat it like that, you are likely to lose money. 

To be successful, you need the correct tools, strategies, and market psychology, along with a strong work ethic that is consistent. We are not going to pretend this book will make you into a millionaire trader overnight, but what it will do is provide you the foundations you need to successfully get started! 

Are you ready to learn how you can potentially make life changing wealth in the markets starting today? 

Here’s a tiny example of what’s inside:

  • Exactly what trading is and how it differs from investing (and why you should actually have two portfolios as a crypto trader) 
  • What “technical analysis” is and how you can use this tool to make sense of charts, candlesticks, and more 
  • Why the cryptocurrency markets have so much potential for traders and how you can take advantage of these opportunities
  • The one simple “taking profits” technique to guarantee you don’t lose all your gains on your trades (especially when you’re on a small budget)
  • How to set your “stop losses” to prevent slight losses becoming an absolute catastrophe
  • All the fundamentals you need to know to become a successful trader, including market psychology and sustainable healthy habits
  • And so much more! 

So, if you want all the fundamentals you need to get started trading successfully in the cryptocurrency markets and start your journey to complete financial freedom, then scroll up and click “buy now”.

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