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Cryptocurrency and blockchain are transforming industries. Real estate, conservative and slow-to-change, is ripe for this transformation. How can real estate investors take advantage of Bitcoin and blockchain to set themselves apart from the crowd and get ahead of the game?

Cryptocurrency and Real Estate frames the discussion as: Transforming Deal-making, Transforming Ownership, and Transforming Management. It provides detailed strategies for each of these transformations and explores advantages and disadvantages.

What will you learn in Cryptocurrency and Real Estate?

•Buying real estate with cryptocurrency – how to structure deals and overcome obstacles

•Tokenizing real estate to raise money for your deals

•Using cryptocurrency in your real estate business

•Leveraging smart contracts to speed negotiations

•Transitioning real estate records to the blockchain

•Understanding barter cryptocurrency and its unique niche

This is the one book that thoroughly explores the synergies between real estate investing and cryptocurrency. A must read for investors who want additional strategies in either investment category.

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