Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Explained:...



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Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, NFT, Blockchain etc.

What a fascinating concept: money that doesn’t require conventional banks and isn’t managed by a central authority.

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies but what does all of this mean? What is going on? Why Elon is tweeting every now and then about it? Why you should care?

Every informed person should learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as It is just might be one of the biggest development going on in the world.
This book is a perfect starting point for everyone.

This book is unusual because it covers a world of untapped possibilities and discusses the technical aspects of how the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies work and the issues it may solve.

We will learn important basic concepts that will enrich your understanding and bring clarity to questions like what is going on, why you should care, how it might affect you and so on.

We will discuss a future in which established methods of doing things are called into question and reimagined.

Let’s begin the journey.

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