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Heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum but not sure how to begin making money with them? Confused about how to use cryptocurrency wallets? Or maybe you’re looking for a new, cutting-edge investment opportunity to round out your portfolio?

You’ll learn all this and more in Cracking the Code to Cryptocurrency Investments. Written by an expert who has made 1000+% off of his own investments, Cracking the Code breaks the complex nature of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and alt-coins down into easy-to-understand chapters. Not only will you learn the basics of how cryptocurrencies work, but you’ll also receive the formula for alt-coin investment success.

This is more than a glossary of cryptocurrencies; it’s a comprehensive how-to guide for learning about and investing in and mining cryptocurrencies. Trying to learn all this by yourself can be daunting, and it may even lead to monetary losses, but by reading Cracking the Code to Cryptocurrency Investments before you try to invest, you can set yourself up for success.

Bonus: Also included is a list of the most recommended cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, and crypto exchanges!

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