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This book includes six manuscripts: 

  • Book 1 – Exchanges, Tax Strategies and How to Find 100X Altcoins
  • Book 2 – How to Maximise Your Profits in the Bull Market Using Technical Analysis
  • Book 3 – How to Profit on Gas Fees, Defi Protocols and Exchange Tokens
  • Book 4 – What Are the Best Oracle Coins, Dapps, Dex & Privacy Coins
  • Book 5 – How to Trade and Invest in Bitcoin Options, Supply Chain & Smart Contract Blockchains
  • Book 6 – How to Invest in Cross-Chain Derivatives, Crypto IPO-S and Virtual Worlds 

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Book 1: 

  • Fundamentals of Bitcoin, Altcoins, Tokens, and Other Crypto Assets 
  • Why Tesla, Mastercard, and PayPal Invested in Bitcoin 
  • Which Asset Is Better: Bitcoin or Ethereum 
  • How Bitcoin Works 
  • How to Buy Bitcoin Safely 
  • How to Keep Your Crypto Safe 
  • How to Make the Best Investment Decisions 
  • Where to Find 100X Tokens Early 
  • Crypto Tax Strategies 
  • How to Find 100X Token Sales 
  • What Are the Best Five Altcoin Picks for 2021 and Beyond 

Book 2: 

  • Must Have Crypto Trading Apps 
  • Ether Futures and CME Group 
  • Technical Analysis For Crypto 
  • How to Maximise the Bull Run 
  • Must Have DeFi Crypto Card 
  • Trading With EWT Tokens 
  • How to Invest In NFT Tokens 
  • How to Use Crypto Lending Platforms 
  • How to Max Crypto Card Rewards 
  • How to Tokenize Risk With DeFi 

Book 3:

  • Why the Decline of the US Dollar Is One of the Most Bullish for Bitcoin 
  • What Happens when All the Bitcoin Are Mined 
  • What Are the Safest Crypto Wallets 
  • How to Buy Cryptocurrency Safely 
  • How to Reduce Ethereum Gas Fees and How to Profit From It 
  • How to Use Lending Protocols for Crypto Loans Using Litentry 
  • How to Profit From Centralized DeFi Ecosystems Such as Kusama and ThorChain 
  • How to Profit From Cardano and Polkadot 
  • How to Profit from Trading Tokens Such as BNB, Huobi and FTX Token 
  • How to Trade Any Cryptocurrency on Binance and More! 

Book 4: 

  • How to Analyze the Short to Medium Term Price Potential of Any Crypto Asset 
  • What Are Uniswap and PancakeSwap, Their Tokenomics and Potential Price 
  • What Are the Two Best Privacy Coins for 2021 
  • What Tokenomic Factors You Need to Know When Vetting a Cryptocurrecny or Token to Maximise Your Gains 
  • What Is the Current Leader in the Layer Two Space 
  • What Is the Best DeFi Protocol 
  • What Is the Best Oracle Cryptos and DAPps 
  • What Is Polkadot, Its Massive Price Potential, What It’s Planning, and Why It May Just Become One of the Biggest Cryptos of 2021. 
  • What Is the Best DEX Aggregator and Automated Market Maker 
  • What Is the Best Smart Contract Blockchain 

Book 5: 

  • Bitcoin Options Trading Tips 
  • How to do Your Own Crypto Research 
  • What to Expect From the Crypto Market
  • Comprehending Diem’s Tokenomics 
  • How to Invest in Decentralized Video Streaming 
  • How to Invest in Smart Contract Cryptocurrency 
  • How to invest in Privacy Based Blockchains 
  • How to invest in Supply Chain Blockchains 
  • How to Invest in Stablecoins 
  • How to Avoid Crypto Scams

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