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THIS BOOK INCLUDES 3 MANUSCRIPTS:•BOOK 1: BASIC DEFINITIONS, CRYPTO EXCHANGES, TOOLS AND PRACTICAL TRADING TIPS•BOOK 2: BITCOIN OPTIONS & MARGIN TRADING TIPS USING TRADING BOTS•BOOK 3: TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: HOW TO READ JAPANESE CANDLESTICKS, CHARTS, VOLUME, TREND AND INDICATORSIF YOU WANT TO TRADE BITCON AND OTHER CRYPTOCURRENCIES, BUY THIS BOOK NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY!BOOK 1 COVERS:•Why Bitcoin it’s an excellent trading instrument. •What are best cryptocurrency exchanges to start trading right away. •What are the best Mobile and Hardware Wallets for trading crypto. •Basic trading terms such as currency pairs, base and quote, order book, bids and asks, stop limit option and dollar cost averaging. •How to use BNB as a Trading Tool to exchange Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on various platforms. •How you can earn passive Income on Coinbase and how you can earn interest with Compound Finance. •Tricks on how to sell & withdraw Crypto from Coinbase Pro paying the least fees there is. •Several practical guides on how to install and use the Binance Widget Trading Tool in Brave browser, how to place Market Orders on Coinbase Pro, Blockchain & Binance and how to buy, sell and trade crypto on eToro. •How to value DeFi tokens and what are top 5 cryptocurrency picks are for 2021.BOOK 2 COVERS:•Cryptocurrency Market Cycles so you can make better trading decisions,•Market Manipulation Tactics and how to avoid them,•Leverage Trading Strategies step by step,•Trading Mistakes you must avoid,•Margin Trading Tips & Strategies•What are the best Crypto Trading Bot Platforms•What is Option Moneyness & Put Call Ratio•What are Options Skew & Market Parameters•What are Options Expiry Dates•How to Trade Bitcoin Options•How to build Deribit Position Strategies•How to avoid the Gambler’s Fallacy•The Law of Small Numbers & Trading•Confirmation, Survivorship and Hindsight Bias•Correlation, Recency & Attribution Bias•How to Avoid the Sung Cost Trap•How to Become a Disciplined TraderBOOK 3 COVERS:•What are the best exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies and what essential trading tools you must utilise using trading checklist. •What are the differences between Winners and Losers and what kind of trading strategies exist that you can use. •What is Implied Volatility and how to set up a trade order. •What are the differences between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. •How Technical Analysis work and why it is working. •What is Support and Resistance, what time frame you should use on the chart and how to read Japanese Candlesticks. •Basic chart elements, bearish Candlesticks and bullish Candlesticks such as Bullish engulfing, Hammer, Doji, Morning Doji star, Bearish engulfing, Dark cloud cover, Shooting star, Inverse hammer, Piercing line, Three white soldiers, Hanging man, Evening star, Three black crows, Spinning top, Falling three methods and Rising three methods. •How to read Volume, moving averages, Trends and Indicators. •What are the 3 best Crypto TAX software BUY THIS BOOK NOW AND GET STARTED TODAY!

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