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2021 Cryptocurrency Market and Blockchain Technology. Simple User Manual with 33 Tips and Tricks to Start Trading Crypto

The global cryptocurrency growth began with a shock in 2018, reaching a record market capitalization of $700 billion. All indicators lead to an increasingly significant exchange of cryptocurrencies, as more bitcoin dealers continue to enter exchanges.

Cryptocurrency and Fiat are both money considerations. Both may be used for buying and transferring commodities and products, both are only deemed as excellent as their respective systems, and both, of course, may be traded on exchanges.

Although cryptocurrencies are used in the same way as fiat currencies, in many countries they lack the status of legal money. However, this has neither discouraged several important multinational enterprises from recognizing the purchase of cryptocurrencies as money nor hampered the constant rise of crypto trading.

Are you an aspiring or experienced cryptocurrency investor, and you want to discover what this ever-evolving landscape has in store for you? Have you heard about Non-Fungible Tokens before, and you want to learn how this lucrative opportunity can make you money? Or are you looking for a down-to-earth beginner’s guide to the world of crypto investing? Then this book is for you!

Packed with handy beginner’s advice and simple cryptocurrency trading strategies, this complete collection outlines the fundamentals of Bitcoin investing, NFTs, and crypto in a practical way. Built on a solid foundation designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the essential cryptocurrency knowledge you’ll need to become a successful trader, this bundle provides the most up-to-date advice for this rapidly changing marketplace.

Things you will know:

  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • How does work Blockchain?
  • How to enter in market?
  • How to start make investments in Bitcoin?
  • What kinds of alternative coins worth attention?
  • How to manage risks?

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