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Do you have a repeatable investing process to help you manage your portfolio in arguably the most uncertain market environment in history?

With 47.25 million unemployment claims in the US alone…

Household names like Hertz, Neiman Marcus and J.C. Penney declaring bankruptcy…

And the Fed’s balance sheet now sitting at over $7 Trillion…

A full blown recession is now a matter of when, and not if.

Now, the average person losses 33% of their wealth in a recession. And in the 2008 financial crisis, the stock market dropped a whopping 57% in just 2 years.

Which means if you’re relying on the market, or a pension fund for your nest egg. You need to be prepared for what is coming.

Fortunately, inside this book we lay out the straight facts (spoiler alert: there is no V-shaped recovery). As well as giving you practical advice on how to protect, and even growth your wealth in a recession.

Because, in the seed of crisis, comes great opportunity.

And investing legend Porter Stansberry (who correctly predicted the demise of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and General Motors) said this about the current times we’re in.

“Now is an unbelievable opportunity to establish a position in high-quality ‘forever’ businesses”

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

  • If you currently have even a single ounce of gold or silver stored in a bank safe deposit box, it is at risk of being legally confiscated by the US government. This sounds absurd but it’s happened before. Read why on page 94
  • How to get all the protection of owning US Government bonds with nothing more than your regular brokerage account – Page 134
  • 2 “beginner friendly” low-risk options strategies to protect your portfolio and gain extra monthly income – Page 142
  • The #1 asset to own during a market crash. And no, it’s not gold, silver or Bitcoin. – Page 137
  • Are you making this Gold buying mistake? You should never buy gold this way, but it’s exactly what most new investors do – Page 90
  • How to avoid getting swindled by the next Bernie Madoff. The 4 tell-tale signs of fraudulent investment operators – Page 157
  • The “bargain hunter” problem. How ordinary investors lost over $500 million betting on oil prices. And how you can avoid the same fate – Page 74
  • The #1 Gold Investment you can make today. During the last gold bull market this investment grew more than 500%. This time it’s poised to go even higher – Page 93
  • Should you include cryptocurrency in your portfolio? If yes, which ones? – Page 139
  • The 3 industries hit hardest in a bear market. If too much of your portfolio is in these sectors, you’re at risk of massive losses – Page 122
  • One thing every investor should know about inverse ETFs – Page 113
  • How the “Warren Buffett of Short Selling” makes his investments – Page 43
  • A unique way to buy your favorite blue chip stocks like Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Amazon at massive discounts – Page 63

…and much, much more.

Plus $135 worth of free bonuses inside.

We’re not doom and gloomers, but we are realists. These next 18-24 months are not going to be pretty. And millions of ordinary people will be left behind. Just like in 2000, when the dotcom bubble burst.

But with smart asset allocation, and strategic investment decisions, you can weather the storm, and come out ahead when this is all over.

This is not a dense, theory-packed book with no practical advice. Written in plain English, it only contains strategies that you can implement with your regular brokerage account.

So if you’re serious about your wealth. Then this book is a no-brainer. The decisions you’ll make as a result of reading it will pay for the book 10x over.

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