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Why do you need a hardware wallet?
There’s a saying in the Bitcoin world—not your keys, not your coins. If you store your Bitcoin (ie. keys) on an exchange or with any other 3rd party storage provider, they are in control. Whether by hack, seizure, mistake or outright theft, your cryptocurrency is at risk when someone else is storing it.

A hardware cryptocurrency wallet, you are in control and can be sure your coins are safe. But this control used to come with problems of its own—how do you keep your hardware wallet secure?

Secured by your fingerprints
Keeping your cryptocurrency safe just got a lot easier thanks to AuthenTrend’s fingerprint-enabled AT.Wallet crypto-asset hardware wallet. The first of its kind, the AT.Wallet requires your fingerprint in order to initiate a transaction. Enroll up to 8 fingerprints of your own or of multiple users who need access.

The built in fingerprint scanner gives you peace of mind—no PIN to forget, have stolen or shoulder-surfed.

Flexible transaction options
Use the apps for iPhone, Mac or Android (Win apps under development), or scan the QR code directly on the e-ink screen.
*Android app released on July 13, 2020The AT.Wallet is easy to use, but at no time does sensitive information about your cryptocurrency leave the wallet’s internal Secure Element, making theft of your coins from the wallet impossible. Fingerprints and cryptocurrency private keys are stored inside the Secure Element chip and never leave.

e-Ink screen
The AT.Wallet features a high contrast e-ink screen so you can check your balance at a glance. The screen also shows a QR code to scan when receiving transactions.

Includes: AT.Wallet, holder/charger, microUSB charging cable and 2 recovery word backup sheets

FINGERPRINT SECURITY – The AT.Wallet is protected using a built-in fingerprint reader, ensuring funds cannot be transferred without your registered fingerprint
CREDIT CARD SIZE – Roughly the size of a credit card, the AT.Wallet is easy to store or take with you.
FLEXIBLE TRANSFERS – Load your coins using the on-screen QR code, or send/receive by pairing with iPhone / MacOS / Android via Bluetooth or USB (Android app released on July 13, 2020, Windows app still in development).
CHARGING DOCK / CASE – Charge the AT.Wallet easily thanks to the handy USB charging dock that doubles as a case to keep the wallet safe from dust and scratches. Use the dock to connect the AT.Wallet to your Mac or Windows PC via USB.
SUPPORTED CURRENCIES – In addition to Bitcoin, the AT.Wallet also supports Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash. Other currencies are being added but security comes first—currencies will only be added after they are fully tested to be 100% compatible.

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