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At first glance, both blockchain and Bitcoin can seem intimidating and incomprehensible. By clearly defining the two and understanding the processes behind them, you will start your journey into digital currencies with confidence. This guide will delve into how blockchain works: what it is, how it is secured, what it is for, and how transactions are processed to be written to the blockchain.

This book will help you understand blockchain technology, grasp the intricacies of Bitcoin as an up-and-coming digital currency and show you how to make it a profitable part of your investment portfolio.
Topics you can expect to see in this book include:

-What is Bitcoin?
-Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?
-Why are hackers using bitcoin?
-What is mining and why do we need it?
-What are the dangers of mining bitcoin?
-What are the challenges facing bitcoin?
-How is bitcoin different from other currencies?
-What are the top bitcoin exchanges around?
-How can I choose a bitcoin wallet?
-What factors influence the price of bitcoin?
-What bitcoin investment strategies can I use to make money?
-What risks are inherent in bitcoin and what can I do to minimize them?
-What is the future of bitcoin’s price?
-Is bitcoin the right investment for me?
-What is the blockchain and what problem does it solve??
-Who is using blockchain technology today?
-What regulatory hurdles might slow blockchain adoption?
-…and much, much more!

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