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You can stop those unnecessary loses from swing trading stocks and cryptocurrencies if you can make the decision to buy this book.

Swing trading enables you to hold positions in investments such as stock and many others over a time frame that may last between days to a few weeks. If you are new to trading, with the help of this guide, you will have an adequate understanding of how to get started, where to start, what to anticipate from swing trading, and how to build your approach around your targets.


On the contrary, if you have some form of experience with trading, this guide will shed some light on the rules and authors’ strategy and approach used to make profitable trades over the years.


This guide is hinged on:

-An introduction to swing trading and how it stands apart from other trading strategies.

-Why you should consider employing the swing trading approach.

-The necessary tools needed to swing trade and to select the right broker.

-Managing your money properly and trading risks.

-How to run some primary fundamental evaluation of firms.

-Basics of charting and a review of some of the common technical analysis tools used to recognize and make significant profits. 

-Trading opportunities from specific chart patterns.

-Significant swing trading approach that can both be employed by newbies and experienced traders.

-Maximizing gains by receiving good entries and exits.

-Some routines and rules of a successful trader and how to program your trading operations like a business.

-And Lots More


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