2 hours ago

    Stake or DApp? With liquid staking, you don’t have to choose

    Last summer, Polkadot made its own little bit of history after confirming the first five…
    1 day ago

    Mashinsky says ‘Sharks of Wall Street’ circling around Celsius and other projects

    The CEO of crypto lending and staking platform Celsius Alex Mashinsky believes “the Sharks of…
    2 days ago

    Crypto jobs market holding up despite tech industry cutbacks

    The crypto job market shows few signs of slowing down despite high profile cases of…
    3 days ago

    Will this time be different?

    Analysts in both crypto and traditional markets have noted some startling similarities between the recent…
    4 days ago

    Stablecoin supplies and cash reserves in question amid crypto exodus

    Cryptocurrency investors and traders have cashed out $7.7 billion from the stablecoin Tether (USDT) resulting…
    5 days ago

    Major validator calls for ‘completely new chain’ to replace Terra

    As the dust settles from the Terra ecosystem crash, and the community decides what the…
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